Finally after 4 years I managed to revisit Lefkada and stay for 4 days in order to do one thing only: photograph Kite Surfers form around the world and from Lefkada that have arrived at St. John’s beach. Aka kite surfers heaven! Checkout the story and the backstage photos from this amazing experience.

It was about time. After being in Lefkada for three times I managed to organize a trip there with John Magdalasidis, a good friend and fellow photographer that came along to assist me.

During our stay at Lefkada George Santas, the head of the Lefkada Kitesurfers Club helped us tremendously by gathering the local and international athletes, and by finding a space for us to set up a studio for the indoor portraits that we wanted to shoot.

Although the temperatures were punishing, and for two straight days there was no wind, we managed to get both some amazing action shots and also the portraits we wanted to capture.

After a few months I had the pleasure to see my project get published on one of the biggest magazines in the world regarding Kite Surfing: The KiteWorld Magazine. Special thanks go out to Jim Gaunt, the editor of the magazine that was kind enough to discover and publish the project, giving it great exposure.

Below you can see some of the backstage madness from the adventure. In 2017 I will be visiting again Lefkada in order to do a new project with kitesurfers from around the world. Are you interested to participate? If yes let me know by clicking here.

Stratos Agiani