Recently we had the pleasure to organize a two part photo shoot with two TRX athletes in a very interesting grunge environment. We went a long way to avoid the classic gym or nature locations because we wanted to put the athletes in a gritty, “dirty” and unique environment.

This is why we asked our community and clients if they knew someone who knows someone who can allows us to shoot in a special location.

Then a dear client of us stepped up and made a few phone calls. After 24 hours we were in a visually beautiful decayed location with tons of car parts. The space was ideal because it had super interesting locations indoors and outdoors, meaning that if the weather took a bad turn we would be able to keep shooting inside.

We also had the change to use both natural light and flashes in order to get a range of shots : from super soft light up to super dramatic ones.

Below you can see some backstage shots from the session.

In a few days we will begin to release the videos here at and on out social media channels so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter