Check out the backstage from the 1st Mobile Photography seminar with the award-winning Strato Agiani at PUBLIC Kavala (photographic material).

On Monday took place the first sold out photography seminar with smartphone and the award winning Stratos Agiani in collaboration with Public held an interactive smartphone photography seminar, packed with practical shooting tips, editing tips plus useful advice for better smartphone pictures!

The seminar was an instant hit, and it sold out within the first two days.

We would like to thank all the participants that came to the seminar!

We would also like to thank George Koreas ( manager at Public Kavalas ), Yiannis Tekeridis ( TheNerd owner ), and Yiannis Magdalasidis ( basktage photographer ) for their invitation!

Because of the huge success the seminar will be repeated on May 24th!

Below you can see backstage material from the seminar.