One of my photos just won the Photo Of The Month Award from Olympus! Learn more about the amazing story behind this shot.

During 2016 I had the pleasure to meet an exceptional man, pilot and pioneer, that was no other than the amazing Davin Bremner.

David came to Thassos Island, Greece, in order to try the impossible: to fly an exact replica of the famous Bristol Scout aircraft from WW1 that war rebuild from scratch from Davin and a handful close to him people.

The date he picked was not random: he was going to try to take off exactly 100 years after his granddad took off from the exact same airfield ( well sort of airfield )  during World War I and try to make an one of a kind historical flight.

I was there along David, in order to document this amazing endeavor with the help of Kavala Air Sea Show ( David was invited to the Airshow ) and Olympus Greece that provided the gear and Support.

The whole operation was a tough one because a lot of things could go really really wrong: from a structural malfunction up to the injury or even death of David!

You see the aircraft had zero safety measures, and was paper thin and light, just like the original Bristol Scout. To give you an example: the aircraft does not have a proper breaking system, other than a piece of wood ( yeap, a Wood! ) that is supposed to create friction with the ground during landing and help the plane stop. Somehow. Fingers Crossed.

Yeap. Some serious World War I tech was right there.

But David, despite all these dangers, he decided to go for it.

And when he did manage to take off it was both a marvelous and scary thing to watch.

David flew the Bristol Scout like a true pro, right in front of a full moon ( the flight happened before sunrise ) and managed to make a few circles above our heads before landing with relative safety, ending a story that started 100 years ago from exactly the same spot.




Olympus OM-D E-M1, Zuiko 45-150 PRO f2.8

One of David Portraits was awarded with the Photo Of The Month by Olympus, which was a double joy for me because I had the chance to win an award but also ( and most importantly ) David was immortalized.

I truly look up to David with respect, because although he achieved such and endeavor, he was always kind and patient with us, and gave us a lot of his time and energy in order for us to be able to capture this exceptional moment in aviation history.

I would like to thank Olympus Europe for the Award, Olympus Greece and Zegetron for the support and faith in me and, Mr Georgiadis, the man behind the Kavala Air Sea Show.

But mostly I would like to thank David Bremner and his team that took us along for the ride as if we were family.

If you want to see the full project with photos and backstage material please click here.

Also make sure to follow Davids adventures at the official blog here.

Finally make sure to check out the official documentary DVD in order to live the adventure yourself!

And David. It was an honor.