A few days ago we held ( with great success ) the  Flash Portrait Photography seminar, in Thessaloniki, at the five star  Grand Hotel Palace.

All participants had the opportunity to photograph along with Award Winning Photographer Stratos Agiani and learn how to utilize their hot shoe flashes for excellent results.

During the seminar Stratos gave practical advice and knowledge that allowed even a beginner to be able to photograph portraits using a hot shoe flash with amazing results.

Proof of that are the amazing photos that the participants took during the seminar.

As usual our seminar was more than knowledge. The participants got a lot more valule from the extra bonuses such as:

  • A free video course  on Organization and photo editing with Lightroom  (value 50.00 €)
  • A Portrait retouching class worth 70,00 Euro, for free as well
  • Big discount for registering at the Online Academy of CraftiusPRO for 1 year
  • Free Annual Subscription to the photographic community Foturion  (a 25.00 € value )
  • Certificate of Attendance

Here are some photos that were shot that day.